‘Dancing in the dark.’


Bruce Springstein once wrote, “even if we’re just dancing in the dark.”

Now in no way am I undermining those going through really really dark times, to some small degree I can empathise from years ago, but this week I had a moment to reflect on “even if we’re just dancing in the dark.”
These last few weeks, no doubt caused by not respecting and following Sabbath, I have been in a bit of a grey, if not totally dark place. Even while on a sort break, for a few seconds it would waft over me, not least when things had not gone my way! 
But then, then I had a reminder. We had gone for a last night’s walk, expecting nothing. Then looking up at a dark sky those feint lines began to appear. And the lines became more distinct and started to change colour. Soon, with little warning or prediction the dark skies danced with green lights and the almost majestic awe of the ‘Northern Lights.’ Almost majestic…. probably totally because as I looked up it was if God was speaking. The orchestras conductor of light was saying trust me and dance. 

If I can do this, if I can bring such wonder, such inspiration, such a light how from the darkest of night, what can I do in your mere greyness. And He of course was right. So there in a dark night, under the majesty of heaven I had a quiet tear and for a moment, just a moment I was dancing in the dark.